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Julio Lopez

2 weeks ago
I had a sewer pipe break causing a flood in my basement that was terrible. It happened in the evening and I was in a panic. I called a few companies for help, however no one was answering or returning my calls. I then called Ace and they answered the phone immediately and told me that they could have a crew to my house very soon. The crew showed up to my house very quickly and started taking the sewage water out of the basement which had the worst smell ever. Once they took all the water out of the basement they began to clean up the area and then left drying equipment to make sure the basement dried properly. They came back the next day to check on the drying and when I met them there, the basement looked better than it did before the flood. It was so clean, dry, and smelled great! The cost of the work was also very fair. There is no other company I would ever use and would recommend them to anyone!!!
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Sal Vantos

2 weeks ago
They gave me a 1 hour window which right off the bat is something I really liked (I am used to 4 or 6 hour blocks of time ). They did a good thorough job with cleaning my carpet and they were also able to clean my sectional even though I decided to do that on the spot. Price was reasonable. I would definitely recommend.

Maya Arman

2 years ago
Ace did a great job at cleaning up after my flood. They knew what they were doing and were very professional. I felt very comfortable with this company and felt they were very fair in their pricing. My carpets look clean and unaffected. I will definitely use again.

Jacob Rosenberg

2 years ago
the crew came on time, did very good cleaning job and charged fair fee. I will use them again.

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Carpet Cleaning Company NJ - Testimonials